Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Matter Reports

Today in Rimu wha we are doing mater and it's a report on solids. Next we might do liquid or gas. 

Solid the shape  in a solid can be any thing .like a table .Particles in a solid are so tight to together it can't even move.A solid is normally hard.Like a wight bourd.dose a solid Chang its shape?

By Harry

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Library time today!

Today Mrs Munro was sick so we had to have library without her. :(

Travis and Neriah read the new book in the library called "My Grandpa is a Dinosaur!" to the class.

They did a really great job and made sure we all saw the pictures.

We hope you are better soon, Mrs Munro!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Our little class

Today (Monday) in our class we had 14 children. Normally we have 23! Look at our little class:

We hope that the rest of you feel better soon because we have a surprise for you! 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

What we do for reading.

This is what the butterfly do for reading and the game their playing is splat.

This is what the teacher is doing with the butterflies. They are building the impossible bridge. 

By Zia

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

AWESOME umbrella art

First we join the skinny lines to the umbrella.Then paint umbrella in the order of the rainbow and the Colours are: red orange yellow green lit blue dark blue  purple and pink. Now do the feet draw them in pencil and paint them. Then you want to do the puddle with blue paint.  Dab the blue paint on the sheet with a paintbrush or your pinkie finger to make the raindrops.

Cool pic collage

 We made a fruit car. Every one  did a good job then we made instructions. it was fun and we went to the staffroom and we shared the instructions with Rimu 1. it was fun.

  By Kieran and Neriah.

Our awesome gymnastics

On Tuesday we had gymnastics . First we had a game next we got in to group and started. Harry was in number 1. Sophia was in number 4.

This week Gym star of the day was Calvin.  On Tuesday Gym day we all went to Gymnastics.
By Harry and Sophia
By Harry

By Sophia

Cool piccollage

In our class we made fruit cars first we cut the apple into eighths. secondly we put sometoothpicks in the side of the apple .then get some grapes and put them on the toothpicks.

By Anna and Rhian

Cool problem solving maths

In maths we do problem solving. maths. 

On Monday we did this Pets sheet. We had to count up to 12. We were counting the animals legs. 

By Daniel

Our fantastic Miro art

First we do a body with a pencil next we do a head with a pencil. Then we do the nose and the eyes then we go over in vivid and we  coloured it in pastel. For the background we  used blue dye.

By Arielle and Bryden


We want To find out if a solid can turn into a liquid and turn back. 
We melted chocolate and then we poured it into a mould in the fridge and in the morning it was solid again. 

Cool Cross Country Video

In May we had whole school cross country. Rimu Wha did an awesome  job and tried their best.