Times Tables Games

Basic Facts Test
This is a website where you can check your basic facts knowledge. Try Stage 4. If you get them all correct, try Stage 5! Do the timed version instead of the sheet by pressing on the arrow.


Karate Kat Times Tables!
This is an awesome website to practise your times tables. Type your name in and then make sure you use the same laptop next time you want to log-in! 

Try these:

Fractions, Fractions, Fractions!

Here are some fun fractions activities you can do at home.


Maths Facts:

Here are some fun Basic Facts games!

Other Maths Games

Multiplication and Skip-Counting Games:

  • NUMBER NINJA! - Do you want to be a ninja? If you do, try this one! Click '2', '5', '10' or '3' and then swipe any numbers that you would say if you were skip-counting in that number! Can you get 100%?

Statistics Games:

  • The Data Bank Research Company Game! - Tally, make a bar graph, and answer questions!
  • Molly at the Zoo! - Medium level is counting the animals, hard is counting the bars on a bar graph, and really hard is answering questions! Which level can you do?
  • Crocodile Tallies! - To practice your tallying skills, try out this game. You have to jump around as a crocodile; Miss Simpkins loves it!!
  • Class Survey Game! - find out the kids answers to a question, add up the tally marks, make a bar graph and a pictogram! The pictogram is tricky, so think carefully....

Games about Shapes!

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